15. feb. 2012

by:Larm baby.

Hi Lovelies!

Alex and I during by:Larm last year. 

It's about that awesome time again for by:Larm festival 16 -18 February. For those of you who don't know what by:Larm is, it's a music festival that takes place mostly at night (some during the day). The main focus is to present artists that are on the verge of success (some are already successful), either in their homelands or internationally.
Chinyere and I attended the festival last year and we had so much fun. We can't wait for this years by:Larm. You can read about last years by:Larm here  

Chinyere < 3 

Adam Tensta on stage during last years by:Larm

You can buy your tickets here.  

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