16. feb. 2012

Show me what you got shorty.

Hi Lovelies!

While I was in hospital one of the things that made the day go by was looking at magazines and seeing things I was going to buy when I got discharged. 
So when I finally got the go to leave I headed to the shops. This is what I bought.  

 Bought socks, headband and stockings from Topshop and Primark

 Bought earrings and bracelets from Topshop and River Island

 Lipstick on the left is from No7 called Blooming Pink and lipstick on the right from Topshop called All About Me 

1. No7 - Blooming Pink and 2. Topshop - All About Me 

 Blouse from Primark

 Pink textured skater dress from River Island

 Pink floral print leggings from River Island

 Bodycon dress from River Island

 Dress from Primark

 Sweater from Primark

 Dress from Primark

 Blouse from Primark

 Blouse from Primark

 Mtv tank vest top from River Island 

 Coral bag from Topshop

Something else that made the day go faster was thinking about the things I was going to eat when I could eat solid food again and was discharged.

Eating at Pizza hut

Best dessert ever!!!!

< 3

My plan for today is to attend by:Larm and Universal Night. What are your plans today? 

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  1. cookiedough @pizzahut!! beste i verden!!!


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