15. feb. 2012

My personal hell.

Hi Lovelies!

Last night I came back from Harlow in Essex and my stay at hospital. I was in hospital for two long weeks and it was the hardest two weeks of my life.  As my sister wrote I underwent an emergency laparotomy. The surgery in it's self went fine, but the worse thing was the psychological stuff after. There were so many times I thought I was going seriously crazy. I had the craziest out of body experience of my life. I didn't understand where I was, I was speaking Norwegian and I didn't know what time or day it was, I just lost track of it. It was just plain crazy. 

This is what my stomach looked like after sugery. 

After the surgery I started physiotherapy which was really hard. My body was bloated and it was really hard to walk. At the beginning I couldn't walk; luckily the physiotherapist was a hunk so he made my day a bit better every time I saw him.

My little corner. 

I read a lot of magazines. 

As I said I was in hospital for two weeks, but I was lucky. I had great doctors, nurses and my mom came and stayed with me the whole time. When the doctors finally said I could go home I was so happy, they also told me I could fly back home, but sadly I am now afraid of flying so my mom and I took the train back home. It took 28 hours, but it wasn’t as bad as you would think and the train ride went fine.

This is the route I took home. Harlow Mill → London → Brussels → Cologne → Copenhagen → Gothenburg → Oslo.

My train tickets. 

 Ready to go home. 


Tired in Brussels

 I met Justin Bieber in Cologne 

 On the crappy train to Copenhagen



 On the way to Gothenburg 

 On the way to Oslo

On the train to Oslo

As I said I'm back home but my body is not 100% what is was before. It's still hard to walk but I manage and everyday it gets better.

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  1. Off Av meien!!
    Stakars deg, kan ikke forestille meg hvordan det er!
    Men hvorfor ville du ikke ta fly tilbake? ble du dårlig pgr av flyturen?

    Masse god bedring <3

  2. Stakkars deg søta! Kan tenke meg det var herlig å komme hjem!


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