7. mai 2011

Rasmus Seebach and A-Lee concert via NRJ and Emil & Samuel

Later that evening NRJ and Emil & Samuel hosted a summer concert with rapper A-Lee and singer Rasmus Seebach. The night was awesome, both guys rocket it on stage.

Rasmus Seebach, Chinyere and I

Kim and friend

Cosmos and Sony Music in the house!

A-Lee and “wifey” Kim

DJ Chali

Joachim Knutsen and friend

Dina Camilla Bruvang Haangmann

Ida Fladen, Ronnie Klaussen and Sverre Bjørnsen

Marthe-Mine and  Ketil Børstein Stensrud

The producers

12 points to Denmark!


Ida Fladen and I

Marcus Only and Dreamon

 All my party people!

 Sven and Elisabeth

 Julia and Madeleine

 Chinyere and I



 Hey there!




 Yolanda Selini and I

 Fun, Fun, Fun!

Yolanda Selini and Dreamon

Former supermodel Jan, Paradise -Heidi and I

Erik and A-Lee

Former supermodel Jan and I

Rykkinnfella is all in

 Lilia Gjerstad and Lara

 A-Lee on stage.

Marcus Only and  A-Lee on stage

 Rasmus Seebach

Rasmus "kalder på deg"

Rasmus loves Oslo and Oslo loves Rasmus.

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