7. mai 2011

A day in Rasmus Seebach's life.

Yesterday I spent the day with Rasmus Seebach following his first performance in Norway. The day started at NRJ, where Rasmus had a talk with Christer Dahl. Then we went to VG where Rasmus was interviewed by Halstein Røyseland for VG Nett. After the VG interview we went to Emil & Samuel for sound check.

Rasmus was sweet enough to have a special mini concert for me, where he sang “Under Samme Sol”. It was so sweet.

NRJ Crew!

Rasmus manager Nicolai

Rasmus had fun at NRJ

 Comos Ronnie Klaussen and I

  <    3



 VG Nett  interview

 Group picture.

 Cutie Daniel

 Ronnie is enjoying the sound check.

 Fun, fun, fun!

Street performers?

No! Rasmus and Daniel gave an exclusive concert at Karl Johan street

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