9. sep. 2010

Polhem's Christmas Showroom

Even though it's just September, we felt a little piece of Christmas yesterday. We met up with Christoffer and went to Polhem's showroom to view Christmas news/ specials from diffrent labels and brands. The showroom was packed with so many treats; cozy Christmas anthems, Christmas food and "gløgg". We wanted to do all our Christmas shopping right away.

Christmas came early this year.

In the midst of everything we picked out some favorites:

Cool Kids Christoffer and Chioma in shades from Rodenstock

Cuties < 3

A lot of great stuff from Lacoste, like this jacket.

I soo want this one from Lacoste!

Super cool harem pants from Flat Top

Fresh prints from JLH (Johnny Leave Home)

Chinwe's favorite from A&C

And Chioma's favorite from A&C

Shades from Porsche Design

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