9. sep. 2010

Oslo Girls

What do you get if you take fashion industry insiders, bloggers, battling inters, hard work, parties and boys and mash it all up? You get Oslo Girls; VGTV's one to watch this fall.
Oslo Girls is a concept created by Nini Bull Robsahm and Hedda Mjøen. At the premiere on Wednesday the creators expressed their thoughts and ideas behind the show. "The webshow is a show about young Norwegian girls living a glamorous life in the big city. It's a show we've always wanted to see, but one that hasn't been availiable until now", says the girls. When asked if the show is real the girls answered; "That's up to the viewers to define, but there were no scripts".

We think the concept is great; shows like these are always great to watch especially when they're are situated in your own home town. We got a preview at the premiere and all we can say is: GLED DERE!

Oslo Girls premieres Friday 10th on VGTV.

Emo Kid

Free drinks


Janka Polliani

Authentic Oslo Girls

Oslo Girls Star Nathalie Helgerud

Nathalie Helgerud with Eva Wigert Næss

Vibeke Holann

Linnéa Dale

Pia Haraldsen, Erlend Elias (OsloGirls cast member) and Jasmin Haraldsen

Hillevi and Stine

Margit and Jenny

Anette and Maria

Henrik Thodesen and Oslo Girls/ DonkeyBoy Stylist Rune Nilsen

Sigrid Bonde Tusvik, Thomas Gullestad and Per Kjerstad

Fanny Lunde and Marte Borg

Christoffer Gunnestad with Oslo Girl cast member Anine Stang

Host Sigrid with Nini and Hedda

The creators Nini Bull Robsahm and Hedda Mjøen

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