16. sep. 2009

Russedress <3

Hi Everyone

As I said, I'm going to be "Russ" next year. And Russedress came to our college, so we could try on "Russ" clothes and fingured out what kind of sizes we need. I'm really thankful and glad over the fact that they came to our college, but I wasn't sure which size I used and I had some questions to ask them aswell. So was very happy they were there, and all the other students looked really happy about Russedress coming our college. Russedress is a place were you can buy all the things you need for your "Russ" celebration, from underwear to sun glasses. At their website russesiden.no, you get a lot of information about "Russ" events and their "Russ" things. I would check it out if I was you: http://www.russesiden.no/home/home.rails

PS: Some pictures are taken with my cell phone so the lighting in the pictures, isn't the shit!


Lovely Henrik from Russedress :)

Me in my overall (Don't worry I know I look FAT!!!)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Kul blogg, jeg skal også bestille klærne mine fra russedress.

  2. Kan du rocke nigeriansk flagg på dressen din eller, VESLA? Det hadde vært stilig vettu.


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