17. sep. 2009

Cause we got, HOODLOVE <3

Hi Everyone

Today has been one of those days when you do a lot of things. Earlier today I went to the hospital for a random check up, they told me I was healthy and that the reason I have been so tired lately has been because I don’t eat well or as well as I should. But I know this already, I’m just basically taking a piss on my life and health. I really need to eat better. But the thing is that I’m so lazy I can’t stand to wait for the food when I cook. I need the food to be finish in 5-10 minutes, because I’m going to eat the food in 5-10 minutes. Why use so long time cooking when you eat it up in one, two, and three. But I get the message I’m going to try to be a little healthier. Do any of you want to become my personal chef? (For free of course). We have gotten some emails, from people who want to get to know us better, this weekend we will post questions and answers.

PS: Old pictures just to show that I was at the hospital.

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  1. It's good you admit it's your fault. If you know you have a condition that means you have to eat more or take better care of yourself then others and you intentionality don't, then you shouldn't complain. You get me?

  2. You should eat healthy and run for 30 min outside twice per week. u will feel (and LOOK) so much fresher + get so much more energy


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