16. sep. 2009

I < 3 russesiden.no

Hi Everyone

This year I will be a “Russ”. “Russ” is the traditional graduation ceremony, for Norwegian students after 13 years of school. The “russe” celebration traditionally starts at the May 1st, and ends on the May 17th, the Norwegian national day. The “Russ” wears colored overalls, drive matching cars, vans, or buses, and party almost every day for two weeks (two weeks of being drunk all the time). The “Russ” wears different colored overalls; it depends on what type of things you are studying. If you study general studies, media and communication, art, music, dance and drama and athletics you wear red, which is the most common color. If you study Health care or Economical & Administrative studies you wear blue. If you study Electronics or Carpentry you are black. And the last one is green; which you are if you study Agriculture. If you want to learn more about the “Russ” you can go on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russefeiring
And I’m buying all my “Russ” stuff at russesiden.no. They have really cool, stuff cheap prices and good deals. Here’s some of the things I’m thinking about buying. Here is there website check it out: http://russesiden.no/home/home.rails

Stunner shades!

Stunner shades!

This is going to keep me warm!!

I would look so good in that jacket!!

< 3

I < 3

This is jumpsuit is the shit!

Everyone Should buy this, if your Russ this year!!

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  1. Cool, clothes. Go russedress;)

  2. Takk for at du postet det med russ og russedress. Jeg var veldig usikker på hva jeg skulle valgt, men nå vet jeg det russedress. ALL THE WAY!


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