24. sep. 2009

Rest in Peace

I’ve got to strain myself from crying. My beloved Creative Mp3 player is dying. I’ve diagnosed it with cancer. Brain tumor to be exact. Lately it’s been getting chemotherapy (batteries), but it keeps rejecting them. I’ve realized it’s time to let it go. I’ve had my Mp3 player for 4 years. In “Mp3- Land”, that is the equivalent of 70 human years. Come to think of it, I’m actually lucky. My Mp3 player has been with me through thick and thin. It’s been there when I’ve been working out, happy, sad, feed up, bored, depressed, ecstatic, curious, sneaky, rude, mean, helpful, annoyed, tired, sick, hungry… The list goes on. But most importantly, it’s provided me with correct tunes on the tube when people around me talk LOUDLY about their lives. It was nice while it lasted. Rest in peace!

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