25. sep. 2009

Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful!

It happened again! It really bugs when it does. KMT! I’m talking about bad couple behavior. I suppose a lot of you can relate to what I’m about to say. Every now and then I sit opposite a couple on the tube or on the bus. And occasionally one part of that couple has trust issues or issues in general. Basically, I was sitting opposite a middle aged couple and all of a sudden the woman gives me an evil eye then kisses her man. Sigh. Then you see the man acting all embarrassed/ cocky cause he knows what his woman is up to. Obviously she thinks I’m eyeing him and she needs to claim territory.

I remember the first time something like this happened to me. I must have been 12 years old (I didn’t look like your average 12 year old; I was almost 6 ft tall). The couple opposite me; Woman: In her 30’ies. Fat. White. Man: Late 20’ies. Average weight. BLACK. Anywho, I was sitting there with my normal cheerful self, when the woman gave me the worst evil eye I had seen in all my 12 years alive. I was shocked and didn’t understand why she did it or what I had done. I was only a kid! Then both me and the woman looked at the man, he was smirking at me. Then I clocked why she had been looking at me like that. The woman continued to curl up to her man, while she was looking at me. I got scared, cause she was a old (and heavy) woman and she could hurt me. Of course she didn’t, but the incident really scared me. My message to couple’s out there is this: Please leave the beautiful girl (or boy) alone when you see her (or him) on the tube. She can’t help it that she’s beautiful. Have a talk with your partner instead of punishing me! SHEET!

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  1. haha....it redundant when stuff like that happens...some ppl r just plain insecure...erica


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