23. sep. 2009

To eat or Not To Eat?

Hi Everyone

( Bailey's dinner )

Today something amazing happened we made dinner. We felt full after eating dinner, and personally I didn’t like it, and I’m still full, it’s not a feeling I like, to have! It gave me some stomach pains, because my stomach is not used to eating real food. This is not something I want to do every day, it’s to exhausting.
My dinner, I put some grapes in so it would look good for you guys :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. What does, I quote "i put some grapes in so it would look go for you guys", mean?

    You should probably eat real food everyday, so your stomach can digest it better. And aren't you suppose to eat 'real food* everyday because of your condition?

    Bailey's plate looks better

  2. Jensen, thank you and sorry for the spelling thing!

    I suck at spelling :'(


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