31. aug. 2009


I feel like going shopping, something I often feel like doing. But as I sit on my bed looking around, I wouldn’t have space to put any new clothes, bags, shoes, books or stuff in general. My room isn’t too big and I like to have free space where there is next to nothing, but that’s not a possibility in my room. I’ve stopped counting shoes or bags, because it doesn’t get me anywhere. There are days where I wish I didn’t have as many things that I do, cause most of the time I just walk past them. I normally rock the same outfits, shoes and bags for a period. Then I switch up. And there are always some pieces that I never wear or even remember that I have. Even though I’m very aware of this, I can’t seem to get rid of the items. Because you might need or use it one day. Well enough is enough. I’m going to (try to) get rid of a lot of things and as I do so I’m not going to buy new stuff. I think I should have a rule: “Everything I haven’t used the last couple of years got to go!”

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