12. aug. 2012

Øyafestivalen day 4

 Warner x Topp x Cosmos = < 3

 DJ Monica "Minnie-Oh" Johansen and I 

 Awesome Adidas shoes!

 Håvard "DJ Herkules" Ellingsen

 Singer Tommy Fredvang 

 Familjen + band

 EMI's Ida Lyxzen

Gambit Hill & Knowlton's Marte Schei, Plan B management's Linn L. Halstensen and friend

Familjen x 730 = < 3

Director Inia James 

 Tv8 crew Isak Brodahl and Astrid Dyson


 18 year unsigned super hype Kaveh 

Actress Iben Akerlie from the film Victoria ( 2013)

 Charles Bradley And His Extraordinaires

Krypton Film's Eivind Landsvik

Cosmos's Ronnie Klaussen and I

Sony's  Jon F. Leiulfsrud with girlfriend Inger Mortveit Listog

 It's Juicy! DJ's Chris Stallion and Patski Love

Singer Mariann Thomassen and friends

Ronnie Klaussen  and Elisabeth Carew

 Karpe Diem

Karpe Diem ended Øya 2012 with a bang

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