11. aug. 2012

Øyafestivalen day 3

 Odd Future

 Tyler, The Creator and Left Brain 

 Mike G

 Domo Genesis

 Hodgy Beats

Left Brain taking pictures of the awesome audience

 Tyler, The Creator 

 Left Brain 

 Left Brain stagediving 

 Jennifer Botho Andersson enjoying the Odd Future concert

 Chef Karla Siverts

Hunky Tom

Eivind and I 

 Linnea Myhre before her "performance"

 Linnea Myhre at her reading session for her book.

Tv star Henriette Bruusgaard, Oslo Girls co-creator Hedda Mjøen with friends

Sondre Lerche's favorite band Young Dreams

 MAG's Benedicte Wessel-Holst and comedian Sigrid Bonde Tusvik 

Cuties Maria Gammelsæter and Sichelle 

 It couple Alexander "Rykkinnfella" Austheim and Ida Fladen

 DJ's Marianne "Styledevil" Theodorsen and Monica "Minnie-Oh" Johansen 


Yummy organic ice cream 


 730's Sandra Marie Kristiansen and Tonje Pettersen

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