14. jul. 2012

EF Summeranza 2012 part 1

Hi Lovelies!

Early Thursday morning I made my way to EF Summeranza 2012 in London. I was greeted at Gardemoen by two helpful guys from EF who gaves us all a cute goodiebag. OMG! The queue to the baggage drop was so long I almost thought they wouldn’t accept my luggage and I had to stay in Oslo. Just to keep the story short we had to run to our gate.

In London we went to our hotel Premier inn where we only dropped our bags and went straight to Summeranza. Next time I wish we could have stayed a little more at the hotel and relax before rushing to Summeranza, because when we arrived we had a lot of free time (Which could have been used relaxing at the hotel).

When we arrived we got some lunch, walked around the area and looked at the fun activities you could do. Later in the day we went to the press conference of a new band called Luminites. They were really cute check out their facebook page here

We did a lot of fun stuff that day and the rest of it plus my meeting with Will.i.am will come in my Summeranza part 2 blog entry.

On the airplane. 

I travelled we these sleepy cuties 

The sweet goodiebag we got at the airport from EF 

Hotel room

At Summeranza

 Sigrid and Sandra < 3 

 Lunch time 

 Fanny and I 

 Luminites press conference

 Stephanie from Luminites wore this cool outfit!

 I am with the band. 

Young Love < 3

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