26. jun. 2012

My latest instagram photos!

Hi Lovelies!

From the top: 
 1.At part of my outfit yesterday
 2. At the hospital yesterday where I got medicine and this cute bandaid. 
3. Outfit from Elle summerparty.
4. Picture with Wiz Khalifa from the interview I did with him last week. 
5. Wiz + Chioma = <3
 9. Cat women

From the top:
  1. Kjetil and I at Universal summer party
  2. A part of my outfit from 18.06
  3. My favorite at the moment from River Island + cool Minnie Mouse ears I found at Sira’s house.
  4. Went out clubbing on Saturday with some Minnie Mouse swag
  5. Celebrating Chinyere’s graduation day.
  6. A picture of me dancing at Universal summer party
  7. With Sindre at Universal summer party
  8. Chinyere is now a nurse! Congrats
  9. On my way to Chinyere’s graduation

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