28. jun. 2012

Hovefestivalen day 2

Hi Lovelies!

We arrived in Arendal yesterday after a bus ride that felt like 10 hours instead of 4. After relaxing at the hotel and getting something to eat we went to the festival.

We got our press passes and went straight to the The Shins interview, after that Chinyere and I had a little time before my next interview with Kreayshawn, so we went around the festival and looked at different stuff. I interviewed Kreayshawn later in the day. Then we went and saw Ed Sheeran. He was really good live and has an amazing voice.

After the Kreayshawn and Lana Del Rey concert we went to the Hip hop bar where Christine and Cashmere Cat played awesome music for the rest of the night. 

 Chinyere Anugweje

 Lars and Erik Five Gunnerud

 < 3

 Marianne "Styledevil" Theodorsen, Monica "Minnie-Oh" Johansen and Chinyere Anugweje


 Fans waiting for Ed Sheeran 

 Ed Sheeran on stage

 These two fans you couldn't believe Ed Sheeran is right in front of them!

 Nora Alba and her cute friends 

 Kreayshawn on stage

 DJ Christine

 Marius "Young L" Solberg

Chinyere Anugweje

 Petter Walther Walthinsen

 < 3

 DJ Cashmere Cat

Isak Peter Brodahl and I

 Kaveh performed at the hip hop bar 

 Håvard Lindvik Jørstad

Swag 5

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