29. apr. 2012

Gambit Hill+Knowlton: Press view AW12

Hi Lovelies!

After Spalt PR on Thursday I went to Gambit Hill+Knowlton

Bloggers Tri Ding Le and Ruben Pedersen

 Mari and Erik Andre Nes from Oslonights

 good cupcakes

 good pineapple drink 


Viking footwear

 Fancypants and I 

 Surface to Air

Event/party planner Dominic Gorham and Cathrine Røsseland from Gambit Hill+Knowlton  

 Helly Hansen





 Bloggers Mira Saab, Linn fashionjunkiie, Hilde denoto and Jeanette

 < 3

 Blogger Anna Sætereie and Henrik Juel Teige from Gambit Hill + Knowlton

 Vegard Eine Østerhagen from Gambit Hill +Knowlton

 Celine Aagaard from Mag and Julie Holst Berntsen, Mari Mikkelsen and Tina Berggård from Gambit Hill + Knowlton

 Marte Schei and Sindre Olsson from Gambit Hill + Knowlton

Gambit Hill + Knowlton boss Ole Tom Nomeland, artist Minne-Oh and I 

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  1. HAHA, jeg husker ikke at disse bildene ble tatt..... Dårlig tegn


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