30. apr. 2012

Envy @ Rockefeller

Hi Lovelies! 

On Friday Chinyere and I went to the 5 Star Festival, where Envy was the headliners. The concert was really awesome and the afterparty was super fun. Envy's debutalbum The Magic Soup And The Bittersweet Faces can be purchased here. 

Tiffany Ifejilika and Chinyere Anugweje 

Johanna Alem, Tiffany Ifejilika and I 

Nico D on stage



Admiral P joined Envy on stage 

Djeshm and Dj Charli were awesome DJs at the afterparty

Rapper Kaveh and I

Envy's Vincent Dery and his homeboys 

Tiffany Ifejilika, Chinyere Anugweje and Miilah Kombat

NBA star Isak Peter Brodahl 

  Urban Tribe's Tuva Ekelund and O-town's Ousman Jaquesson Sowe. Check out o-town.no for awesome clothes

DJ Petter Walther Walthinsen

 The Sereba's 

Rapper Danny and his lovely wife 

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