18. apr. 2012

Drake @Oslo Spektrum

Hi Lovelies!

  ( photo: Martin Johansen )

On Monday I was at the Drake concert in Oslo Spektrum. I can honestly say the concert was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

I danced and enjoyed myself the whole time. After the concert I got a chance to meet Drake ( Thank you Christoffer). He is a really nice guy. I had to ask him if Norway really was the best audience ever or at least best in Scandinavia…he said Stockholm was the best. LOL

Drake made us some drinks that we really good so I had to ask him if he had taken any bartender classes, but he said no.

I also met Tinie Tempah who was Drake’s warm up act. It was really nice to meet him, he said he enjoyed the Norwegian audience and can’t wait to come back in a couple of weeks when he is having some concerts in Norway. Check out the facebook event for his May 4th concert in Oslo here. 

 ( photo: Martin Johansen )
Drake on stage. 

 I made this for Drake, but he didn’t tweet me. He said he really doesn’t like twitter. 

 Mia and Alexandra Joner


 Alexandra Joner and I 

5 kommentarer:

  1. Åh, hadde så lyst til å dra på Drake konserten.

    SV: Du aner ikke hvor fornøyd jeg er! Tusen takk <3 :- )

    1. Du burde ha dratt! Det var en awesome konsert :D

  2. Åå, det hørtes utrolig gøy ut! :) :) Digger plakaten! ;)
    Ha en finfin kveld!

  3. I’m so excited ! I'm buying my Drake tickets tomorrow. Good music plus lots of alcohol, how could it possibly go wrong?


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