5. mar. 2012

My my world part 4: My birthday (party)

 Hi Lovelies!

 Two things really sum up the December month for me. The first thing is I turned 20 and the other thing was that I was sick a lot that month. So here enjoy some pictures from my awesome birthday party.

I was Miss Universe

 Awesome strawberry cupcakes from Regal. 

< 3

Chinwe was a tiger

Princess Sichelle 

Anna the Angel and Paulina the lion

The princess and devil 

 Keziah and Demian

 Ida aka miss Santa.  

Nicki Minaj and the human skeleton Uzoma 

 Sexy red riding hood Neserin

The Nicki Minaj's!


Anna, Sira and Paulina 

Pinjata < 3


2 kommentarer:

  1. Kostyme fester er så gøy! Så ut som dere hadde det fint :)

  2. Ja, det var kjempe gøy :)


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