21. feb. 2012

LMFAO and Far East Movement concert

Hi Lovelies!

Yesterday I mentioned that I might go to the movies, but that didn't happened. Instead I ended up interviewing Far East Movement and I must say that those guys are pretty cool. After the interview I went to the Lmfao concert at Oslo Spektrum where Far East Movement were the opening acts.

Far East Movement totally killed it on stage. Skyblu from Lmfao had an injrued back so he couldn't attend the concert, but Redfoo really did an awesome job on stage alone, he totally owned the show. I didn't even miss SkyBlu.......sorry Blu. 

I took these photos with my HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio™ using the app Retro Camera.

I love this nailpolish from MAC! It's called Immortal Gold

Far East Movement on stage. 

I met these two cool guys. 


Lmfao on stage 

Great end to a great concert. 

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