9. okt. 2011

London: October 6 & 7th

Hi Everyone

On Thursday I was in London to attend the launch of the new HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio and the launch party later that day. My day started with me on the bus on the way to the airport listening to music. When we arrived in London the luggage was delayed which sucked a little, then we had to hurry to the hotel to attend the press conference. When I say we, I attend the press launch and after party with a lovely bunch of other Norwegian journalist and they were pretty awesome. After the press launch and party we went back to our hotel. My flight the following day left in the afternoon, so I got the chance to do some shopping before I was picked up by taxi.

Pictures from the press launch and party is coming in the next blog post.
reading Mag on the way to the airport.

On the plane, I am a bit scared but still smilling.

At Hilton London Paddington hotel

Hair bow: Glitter - Cardigan: Zara(male) - Belt: Primark - Dress:Topshop - Bag: Asos - Earring/Bracelet
:SnÖ of Sweden
On my way to the press launch/party.
Good Morning!

Sweater- Volt,  headband - Glitter, Shorts- Topshop, Bag- Asos, Watch - Ice Watch, Earrings - Sno of Sweden, Stocking- Primark

Marianne is enjoying her breakfast. 

Eating breakfast before going out to do some quick shopping.

In the cab on the way to the airport. 

On my way back to Oslo. 

A lot of stockings from Primark
I bought lovely sweets and a new nailpolish from MAC called  Immortal gold and new perfume from D&C called rose the one.
brown bag and black/printed bag - River Island and the green/yellow bag - Topshop

Yes! Awesome magazines.

My lovely new shoes from Topshop

 grey and blue sweater: Primark - red leather shorts and yellow trousers:Topshop - Studded shorts: River Island
Team Kelly Rowland <3

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  1. Du er så cute! Liker innkjøpene dine :) Fikk sånn innmari lyst til å dra til London nå..

  2. OMG Haribo TanFastics minner meg sykt om Cambridge!!!

  3. @Supersira JAAA! <3 Cambridge gode tider det:)

    @Luisafernandadelmar Takk :) Ja, du burde ta en tur, super bra shopping :)


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