7. feb. 2011

My Top 5 Fast food restaurants

Hi everyone,
Since I’ve just came back from London I thought I’d tell you about my top 5 favorite fast food places in London. I more or less only eat fast food when I’m there. Here’s my list
1.Pizza Hut: I love Pizza Hut because I love American style pizza. I hate places like American Express because they only have Italian style pizzas there. The thing that sets Pizza Hut apart from Dominos is that Pizza Hut has a delicious dessert called Hot Cookie Dough Dessert

2.  Dominos Pizza: It’s a pizza place where they sell American style pizza, but you can also choose a different style pizza. I like the pizza dough at Dominos better than the one at Pizza Hut.

 3. KFC:  Everybody loves chicken. But you can also buy fish burgers and other stuff there. I most admit that I don’t have the courage to try anything else then chicken at KFC because I feel like chicken is all they know.

 4. Kebab/burger shops: The food is good and cheap

 5. Nandos: I think Nandos is alright, it’s like a fancier KFC. But I don’t like the desserts there.

All Images are from google.com

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