4. feb. 2011

Life as we know it.

I’m home from London now. It was really a waste of time; I could have done something productive in Oslo instead. Luckily I got to do some shopping and visit old friends. Here are the rest of the pictures from my “fun” London trip and stuff I bought.

Btw: Chinwe aka Bailey quit the blog.

From Primark

From Primark
On the train on my way to Oslo


I am wearing:
Shoes: Uggs
Trousers: Topshop
T-Shirt: Primark
Cardigan: H&M (Male)
Bag: River Island
Headband: Topshop
All jewelry from SNO of Sweden
Lipstick: MAC Amplified Violetta

3 kommentarer:

  1. hvorfor gidder ikke chinwe mer da? :( men men :) kos at du fortsetter!

  2. @Linda-Mari London var ikke noe gøy på grunn av masse Chinwe drama.

    @DagensOutfit Takk :) Og Chinwe sluttet i bloggen fordi hun føler hun ikke har noe å tilby bloggen lenger.


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