18. feb. 2011

A day in Adam Tenstas life.

Yesterday I spent the day with Adam Tensta and his crew; Babak Azarmi, the DJ/photographer and Michel Dida, “back up” rapper. The day started with an interview with Dagbladet and ended with relaxing at the guys’ hotel room before the concert at Tilt. Enjoy the pictures of my super fun day.

Dagbladet interview

Wating for the taxi
Charlotte from EMI
On our way to The Voice radio

Dida showed me the tatto he got, when he was drunk.

Adam is healthy

Dan from the voice


I got Inked.

On air with Christian Laland
Good times at NRJ

<  3
Watching Dreamons soundcheck

Adam with Envy
Soundcheck at Tilt
Concert at Swag

Admiral P
Check us out
Dreamon did some beatboxing
The Kids love Tensta!

At EMI taco party.

Talking to Tommy Tee and Kenny Bong.
Dida loves taco!

Ida and Babak talking music

Marit Larsen getting ready for Adam Tensta

Charlotte and Geir

Silje and Ida are getting ready for shots 
730.no boss and EMI boss.

Relaxing before the concert at Tilt.

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  1. Dette må ha vært en awesome dag!! Likte spesielt bildene fra The Voice studioet... :-P

  2. JA! Det var en kjempe morsom dag :)


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