20. feb. 2011

15 Random facts about me.

# I love to laugh

# My biggest fear is to die.
# I am super nice

# My favorite shows at the moment are Glee, Jersey Shore and Gossip Girl
# The top three most listen to songs on my phone is John Legend – Quickly, Runaway Love and Bigger by Justin Bieber

                                                                        # I like to flirt
# Celebrities excite me
# I am 6ft 1

# I love to talk
# I have great legs
# I am very social and like to meet new people

# I am not a good dancer
# I have a sweet tooth
# The only celebrity I would be a groupie for is George Clooney

2 kommentarer:

  1. why are u afraid of death? ;)

  2. u r 6ft 1?! wow! im so jealous. lol. would b a groupie for george clooney too :D


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