12. sep. 2010

Robinsonekspedisjonen premierefest

This years Robinsonekspedisjonen premieres tonight. We went to the premiere on Thursday to check out the contestants. It was an interesting bunch of people, gotta love that.

We're Team South!

Arriving in style

Christer Falck is the man!

Aww, I love it!

I had to get a profile picture.

Kimhye Iversen

Ken Rune Berg

Dan Richard Davidsen with his girlfriend

Carina with Arvid Ari Mallung

Randi- Anette Ejme and Christian Flotvik were cosy at the premiere

David Sandem

Christer Falck is way more handsome than Zac Efron lookalike Daniel Holtedahl Thorp

Cecilie Felicia Westgård and Alita Dagmar Kristensen


Kimhye with friends

Atle Hansen was very friendly...

Too friendly though.

After the show the cast members danced their asses off to Vinni, Lars Vaular and Joddski song "Nord mot Sør".


What's good Lars?

Atle went all out...

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