2. sep. 2010

Boxing Kitten

I love patterns and colors, I always have and I don't think that'll change any time soon. When I way younger my mom used to refer to me as the rainbow, because I seemed to put any color combinations on whenever I felt like it.

I've always loved using African prints. I don't really use it too often, but I try to squeeze it in from time to time. This Saturday we're going to celebrate Iriji, New Yam Festival, which is a great opportunity to dress "African".

Here's a picture of what we wore at last years Iriji.

I love combining African pieces with western ones.

Ever since I saw the preview pictures of Beyonce and Alicia Keys' video "Put it in a love song", my eyes have been opened to the designer Maya Lake. The Brooklyn born designer, behind the label Boxing Kitten, primarily uses Ankara fabrics which are 100% cotton veritable wax hollandais prints. Her designs are very colorful and playful. Lovely! I hope to see more from her in the future.

Designer Maya Lake in the middle, with her lovely designs.

Celebs are loving Boxing Kittens. Solange has been seen wearing Boxing Kittens.

This jumpsuit is so pretty. I really love/ want it!

More designs from Maya Lake below.

Models with singer Estelle. I love the pants to the left.

Pictures from; neetmagazine.com, thefader.com, fashionbombdaily.com, theinfamouslife.com, glamazonsblog.com and leoandpisces.blogspot.com.

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  1. Where do one find these African Wax printed cloths with reasonable prices?, the one you find in some african shops here in Oslo costs a bundle and then some.
    I was in austria, and found an shop in Bregenz, that was kinda better priced, but far away though..

  2. Reasonable price? Hmm, I buy all my fabrics in Nigeria or in London, so I'm not familiar with the prices or selections here. Sorry.


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