13. sep. 2009


Hi Everyone

Yesterday we celebrated Iriji New Yam Festival (a bit late) because it’s held in the month of August each year. It is one of the biggest and most significant festivals for Igbo cultural; it depicts the prominence of yam by Igbo’s all over the world. And it signifies the beginning of the harvest season. It is a time when Igbo’s share and celebrate with friends, well wishers and the community. Another good thing about yesterday was that Nneka came for a visit, it was really nice to see her again, plus she had bought some presents for us. She bought UK Cosmopolitian, LOOK and MORE magazine, but the best of all was that she bought Haribo Tangfastics. We just love it, if you ever go to the UK you need to buy this, No joke!!!!!

Children performing tribal dance

Nneka and Bailey

Obiwuruotu dance squad!

Bailey, Chinyere and Keziah

Nnamdi and me

Me and Keziah dancing outside

Yeah you!

Chiowama and Bailey are hot!

Uzoma and me

Keziah and Chinyere

Galdem <3

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  1. Looove the pics giirls <3 Ur soo BEAUTIFULL!!!

  2. nnnnnice luv the sister luv !!! C & C .....

  3. I like Bailey, Chioma is too superficial for my liking


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