19. jun. 2010

VG Lista Backstage

The annual VG- Lista went down this friday and we got to hang out backstage. Enjoy the pix!

Thomas Eriksen and Elisabeth Carew


The hosts of the evening; Marte Stokstad and Erik Solbakken


None other than Aleksander With

Vegar "Short Cut" Olsen with his wife

Samsaya with the coolest entourage

Aylar wanted two bottles of water

Eva Weel Skam and Thomas


Asbjørn Slettemark

Lene Alexandra with stylist Jon Lundemoen


Jason Castro

A- Lee and friends
Chioma is pretty!

Cuties Hillevi and Celine from TOPP

DJ Herkules

Asgeir "Sjefen over alle sjefer" Borgemoen

Favorite VG- lista host of all times; Nicholas Carlie with his wife

Pia Haraldsen

Tone Damli Aaberge

Magnus Rønningen




Silje from Minmote

Emilie "Voe" Nereng performing

Young L and Bailey

Lise Karlsnes

Ingrid Olava and Lise Karlsnes

Maria Haukaas Storeng
Maria had some nice shoes on


Simone Larsen with Simen Eriksrud

Karpe Diem with hottie Andreas Grega

Waiting, waiting...

Rock Chick Anine Stang


Don Martin with friend

Chris (Al Green live in Oslo July 2nd)

Kristian Valen

Pose for the camera now flick flick flick

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