19. mai 2010

Jumpsuit vs OnePiece

I have a love/hate relationship to one pieced garments. I love how you can put one item of clothing on, but still be fully dressed. What I tend to dislike about it, is it's practical nature. Wearing a one pieced garment might not be the smartest thing to do if you're let's say, out in the woods and really need to pee. Enough about that!

It seems like a girl who rocks a jumpsuit can be labeled as a "Fashion Girl", while girls who rock a OnePiece is more likely to be labeled as a "Follower". I don't really see a difference between a jumpsuit and a OnePiece. I know there's a lot of people that would disagree with me, but so be it. I think both of them has the purpose of being comfortable and easy to wear (There's a reason why we dress our babies in them). I also think both garments can flatter you, at the same time, I think they can make you look worse than you actually do.

I've seen a lot of people hating on the OnePiece and I really don't get it. What difference is there between the jumpsuit and the OnePiece, besides choice of fabric?

The Jumpsuit

The OnePiece

Save the bears! People are trying to raise awareness on facebook. LOL!

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  1. It's almost teh same as walking around with your bathtowel or bathrobe around you. You don't do that in the city.
    At home, walking around with this must be just coolness, but outside.. nono.
    Same with training suits etc, big yucky.

    But jumpsuits, different story, nice fabric, better shape etc.

    But hey, what do I know :)

  2. @ Nice Anon: I know.

    @ Neslekkim: I've touched a OnePiece and it's not the same fabric as a towel, so I really don't think you can compare the two.

    Yeah, it's more like a training suit, but they're not exactly yucky though. They are rather comfortable. Have you ever worn a training suit outdoors? If so, how did you feel? Sexy or big and yucky?

  3. Trainingsuit outdoors, when training: ok

    In the shops, yucky as hell :)

    In the '80 at swedish camping-sites: good (Didn't know better)

    But I would like an onepice for use at home med 'laxing..

  4. Hmm, but why is it ok to wear something yucky when you work out? I'm so confused :'(

  5. :), it's comfortble to wear, but it is not so comfortable to be around in clothes like that.

    When trekking it is "allowed", but going to church with it is not so nice. (you proably still could go, but others piercing eyes would leave you in the uncomfy zone, still if the clothes feel comfy :) )


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