25. jan. 2010


Hi Everyone

The following day (Friday) we went to NRJ Awards at Barbeint. The club was nicely decorated with silver NRJ signs, it all looked really glamorous. The club was packed and the crowd was very excited. A lot of free drinks later; it was time to announce the winner of best song and best Norwegian artist or group. Samsaya won best song with her hit ADHD, well deserved. While my boo Kriss and his partner Erik won the best artist or group award. Another great evening!


2 kommentarer:

  1. which lipstick u wearing? ya'll need to do some make up videos and post it or on youtube, ya'll so pretty
    love all the lipsticks fo real .


  2. Thank you, I'm wearing a lipstick from MAC called Siss. video blogg coming soooooon! :)


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