17. des. 2009

Milla Boutique

Location: Milla Boutique
Date: Wednesday Dec 18th

Yesterday, we went to a Christmas party at Milla Boutique. The store is located at Vika, House of Oslo to be exact. Drinks, snacks and a fashion show was on the meny. It's a really nice store; with a romantic, but edgy atmosphere. Milla Boutique offers more than clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, furniture and interiors; they offer a lifestyle. They also have a wide style range; Vintage, Shabby Chic, French Country Style, Glam etc. You name it, they've got it.

Drop by the store or check out the website (you can even shop online): http://www.millaboutique.no/


Chioma with the store owner herself Camilla

If you're wondering what to buy Chioma for Christmas or her birthday, you can stop buy the boutique and get her this studded grey bag. She loves it! Isn't it just gorgeous?

She fell in love with this jacket as well.


The only picture I liked of myself.

Who has an ostrich is their boutique? It's absolutly genius!

DJ Soulmaz!

The store.

Wating for the fashion show to start.

That one would look great on me.

Sexy bag.

This one as well.

All the models.

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  1. Chioma, who stole your smile?

  2. Illness stole it. She's been sick all week.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry. Hope she will be fine soon.


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