22. nov. 2009


How time fly! On friday I went to Radisson SAS at Gardemoen with my job. The day started with a conference, followed by an office party later that evening. It was a lot of fun!

I am a friendly person, sometimes to friendly. This happened on friday:

During the dinner: I was super hungry, but my dress was so bodyhugging I had to control myself. I ate lobster, if you're wondering ;). Anyways, I felt sorry for the help, because people were sligthly rude towards them. Therefore I smiled and said thank you whenever someone cleared my plate of the table. Later, I went to the toilet, I noticed someone was following me. I turned around and one of the help was there. He asked how I was, I answered and locked the toilet door. When I got out of the toilet, the man was still there. I was surprized! The man proceeded to stare, then he asked me if I was sleeping over, followed by licking his upper lip!!! I was flabergasted! How dare he? Kmt! Can't a girl just be polite? I guess not.

Hotel room!




2 kommentarer:

  1. Bodyhugging dress, awesome expression! :)

    To bad about the waiter/help though, bad judgement.


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