6. okt. 2009


Hi Everyone

Last saturday we went to a wedding. The reseption was nice, crammed, hot, tasty, african, purple, green, joyful fun.

We got chocolate

The happy couple


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  1. Proud to be white7. oktober 2009 kl. 13:16

    Honestly, Chioma. You should stop taking pictures of yourself if you can't buy new clothes. You are acting like a celebrity and fashionista when you are only wearing the same clothes. Repeat offender!

    Putting a bolero over a dress unfortunatly for you doesn't change the WHOLE look!

  2. hmmm... P.t.b.w. Ur too much for me. I think u should talk to someone. Also, have u ever heard of recycling? It's good for the environment u kno. Don't be a hater, karma will strike u with wrinkles!



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