2. okt. 2009

It's getting sooooo cold :'(

I'm soo happy it's friday. The week has felt way too long and I'm still feelig a bit sick. I was hopeing to be a lot better by now, but the cold weather isn't helping me. It's getting really cold these days and I hate it. It's so cold I hate sleeping, cause I've got issues getting up when the room is cold. And the room is cold even though the oven is on and I've got a sweat suit and socks on... I've been rocking my winter jacket, gloves and scarf for a while now. I should be wearing a hat as well, but then I'd have to bring a brush to work for a hair fix- up and I'm not bothered to do so. In my heart I know in meant to live in a warmer country than Norway. Therefore I need to move! Can't wait!

Enough about that, I'm gonna watch America's Next top Model now :D

Me and my yellow hat.

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