14. okt. 2009

Chioma Just Wants To Dance

Hi Everyone

(I'm sooo "Happy"! )
I’m sitting on the couch and trying to download and pay for the Ultimate voice recorder, but it will not cooperate with me. So I am a bit annoyed. Because I dislike when things don’t go my way, when it comes to such stupid and pointless things like this. Because I just want to dance like the Drake and Trey Songz song :
She Just Wanna Dance, and the song goes like this: I do not see the problem, If she want to party. Put on sexy clothes and Go and move her body, Shorty my Shorty. She do what she please N.. please.
And when I think of it I have history homework for tomorrow, but that wouldn’t take long to do. And there are two months and some days until my birthday. "Hurray"! I hope I at least get birthday cake for my birthday this year. I must say I have disliked my birthday as long as I can remember. It is a day filled with disappointments, where it always ends up with me getting yelled at no matter what happens, whether it's my fault or not. Birthday is overrated if you ask me. So now what irritates me is the shit with the Ultimate voice recorder, and the fact that it’s my birthday soon and I will be disappointment as always. But a positive thing is that I don’t think I’m going to get yelled at this year. Because Mom and Dad are not home at my birthday!

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