18. okt. 2009


Hi Everyone

As I type I’m watching the televised fundraiser. “Tv- aksjonen” is an annual, nationwide Norwegian fundraiser for charity. Each year, an organization is selected to receive funding from private people and companies. CARE is organization that was selected this year. CARE is an independent voluntary membership organization that aims to raise money for girls and women’s rights and opportunities. CAREs basic principle is that women, who receive assistance and opportunities, even find their way out of poverty, creating a better life for himself and his family and challenge the power structures and traditions that oppress and destroy. We volunteered, knocking on doors to collect money. Such a nice way to spend our day.

Approximately 165 000 000 million crowns have been collected so far, absolutely amazing!


It's cold.

Happy trouper!


I painted this lovely piece of art when I was in elementary school. Makes me really proud.

Made by me!!!

Have you had a nice Sunday?

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