10. sep. 2009

Topp Party!

Hi Everyone

On Wednesday Norway’s biggest teen magazine Topp, celebrated its 25th anniversary! At Emil and Samuel on top of the Steen and Strøm shopping center in Oslo. There was a lot of sweets, drinks, cool performances and the mood was great. I meet a lot of new people, which is always nice. I used to read Topp when I was younger my favorite part was the Mona & Mikkel column, It gave me a lot of laughs, so reading Topp again at this party brought back many good memories. Happy Birthday TOPP!

Me & Stella
Me & Ida
Jaa9 & Onkl P, Btw in this picture you only see Onkl P!
If you notice I'm wearing Onkl Ps sweater!!
A1, take on me!!!

For more about the event check out http://730.no/musicItem.aspx?newsId=2622

3 kommentarer:

  1. I wear my sunglasses at night, skepta. Who the *censured* do that girl think she is. So she is black and that gives her the right to wear sunglasses at night, Damn the sun weren't up, much less shining. God save the black race

  2. Proud to be white are you okey? I think you really have some issues you need to sort out.
    Because you have issues, but thanks for going on our blog! We love proud to be white <3

  3. HAHA! Love him and his broken English. "Damn the sun weren't up". Haha. Hilsen Preben på hytta i Kragerø


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