11. sep. 2009

Dwele and the Grove Experience

The Grove Experience celebrated their 5th anniversary, with an impressive lineup of artists. Such as Wisnu, Stella aka STL, Son of Light, Qweendom, Noora Noor and Dwele. We got to jam backstage, there we got to meet and greet all the artists. Even though there was a lot of good foods and drinks, we ate bread and butter and drank water. Imagine. Dwele hung around most of the time, even though he was the last one on stage. For those of you who don’t know Dwele, he’s the singer on Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights”. Dwele was really friendly and even did a shout out to 730.no. We’ll post the shout out soon. There was a really nice atmosphere during the evening, backstage as well as in the audience. We had a nice time.

Cuties Stella and Wisnu

Stella aka STL and Chiowama

Ndure and Bailey <3

We <3 Queendom

Gatas Parlament

Chioma and Son of Light

Dwele and Chiowama

Dwele and Bailey

Dwele got jokes. He wanted to pose alone.

Mr. Quality Time himself with Dwele

The funkiest act of the evening was by this duo. Nico & Tina!

The amazing Noora Noor. Such a beatiful voice.

Dwele playing

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