20. sep. 2009

QuestionRound <3

Hi Everyone

We got some questions from our readers and here are the answers to some of the questions. If you have some questions please email us at chibailey@hotmail.com and we'll answer you in a later enrty.

I like your style. Where do you buy your clothes?

C.Bailey: Thank you. We don’t really like to go shopping in Oslo. Most of our items are from London; stores like Miss Selfridges, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Primark and La Senza. But when we do go shopping in Oslo we shop at BikBok (mostly tops), H&M and Jean Tv (hoodies). Also a lot of our stuff is vintage. Either from the Salvation Army or fleed markets.

What kind of make-up do you girls use?

Bailey: We mostly use make- up from MAC. MAC’s mineral make- up does wonders for our skin. I use MAC’s Mineralize Skin finish Natural powder, Dark. On my paler days I use MAC’s Refined Deeper Bronze, Bronzing Powder. Sometimes I use MaxFactor miracle touch creamy blush, no 14 (soft pink) on my lips, it gives a really fresh look and works nice with my skin color.

Chiowama: Yeah, I’ve tried a lot of different brands but I like MAC the most. Basically Bailey said everything. I also use Vaseline, it’s a classic. You can buy eyeliner everywhere from Primark to H&M.

Nice photos. Who’s your photographer?

C.Bailey: Thanks. We take most of our pictures ourselves. Our sister Chinyere takes a lot of them to.

Why don’t you have boyfriends?

Chiowama: Okey, guys out there don’t hate me!!! I’m very picky when it comes to guys, I just don’t go for anyone. So yeah if the right guy comes along, with I feel is up to my standards. Who knows what will happen.

Bailey: Who said I don’t? No, I’m just joking. But basically I haven’t found anybody of my interest and level.

How tall are you?

C.Bailey: Chiowama is 6 feet and Bailey is 6’2.

Do you girls argue a lot? Who’s the mean one?

Bailey: We really don’t argue. I’m definitely the mean one. Well, not mean mean, but meaner than Chiowama at least.

Chiowama: Just wanted to tell everyone THIS is TRUE. Even though people have a hard time believing this. PS: I’m the nicest sister!!!

What irritates you?

Bailey: Hmmm, so many things :P. It really depends on my mood, I’m a bit of a dramaqueen. If I’m in a good mood nothing irritates me and if I’m in a bad mood everything does. Mostly rude and selfish people. Oh and smelly people!

Chiowama: Bailey is lying. She gets irritated even in a good mood! Like Bailey said Hmm.. Yes a lot of things irritate me, like ugly people, who think they are hot, teachers and teachers students, who think they rule the world because they are teachers (I know a few) Rude people, selfish people. Fat people who think they are skinny and wear to tight clothes. When people makes bad tasting cakes and food, being sick. Getting yelled at for no reason (Then you get on my hate list, don’t worry) People saying stupid things, people who stare at me for no reason. People who stand in my way when I’m trying to catch the bus.

What makes you happy?

Chiowama: I like the simple things in life, like eating good food, watching Tv, money, seeing good looking people. I also love music, and genuine nice people. And the last one eating candy & cake.

Bailey: Chiowama put it beautifully, but scratch the eating good food. I like feebees and fresh hair do’s too!

How do you guys keep fit (slim)?

Chiowama: Yeah, don’t worry I don’t keep slim. I have a BIG stomach, or as they would say in magazines top heavy, but I have very naturally slim legs.

Bailey: I try to work out regularly and stay away from fatty foods.

Why do you call yourselves Chiowama & Bailey?

Chiowama: Because my friend “Big” Dan, thought my name was “Chiowama”, and from there it became a nick name.

Bailey: I always have an aka when I travel abroad, this is something I’ve gotten from our mom. She always presents herself as Ngozi, when abroad. I started using Bailey almost two years ago when I was in Brazil. I like the name Bailey cause I find it edgy and smooth at the same time. When I was younger I used to tell people my name was Mia or Caroline, simply cause I felt like it.

What type of music do you listen to?

Chiowama: Basically yeah. I like listing to Hip hop, R&B and Rap, Pop, Grime, funky house, Soul.

Bailey: Mostly soul, artists like Jill Scott, India.Arie, Erykah Badu, John Legend and D’Angelo.

What do you like to watch on Tv?

Chiowama: Basically I watch everything on Tv, so if I had to make a list it would be so long, you wouldn’t bother to read it.

Bailey: I love reality Tv. America’s Next top Model is my favorite show!

What is your favorite movie?

Chiowama: I Love a lot of movies, but I chose one favorite movie every month. My favorite movie of the month is “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, it’s not a new movie it’s from 1995, it’s about this ugly girl being bullied, but everyone should check it out.

Bailey:I’m not really a movie person. I liked the movie “Bullet Boy” with Asher D from So Solid Crew.

Where are you from?

C.Bailey: We are from the exotic and corrupted nation called Nigeria, but we are also from the loving and happy nation Norway. We get the best of two cultures.


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  1. Do you ever get nigerian emails with great deals? Whatsupwiththat...

  2. We get it ALL the time! It's not funy getting those emails.

  3. funy...lol!

    This post just made me like Bailey even more. Quote: "When I was younger I used to tell people my name was Mia or Caroline, simply cause I felt like it." - Who does that? That's just plain crazy, but I still like you style.

    Chiowama, I think and will always think you are a bitchy shallow person. How can you say qoute "Fat people who think they are skinny and wear to tight clothes" - Ain't evryone free to wear whatever they want? You are probably jealous because thay have bigger self confidence than you to wear somethings like that. Kresto!

    Basically, C.Bailey you're a dynamic duo even though you're black.

  4. Yes, funy! Do you get my point, funny ;)


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