22. sep. 2009

Are C.Bailey Sellouts?

Hi Everyone

Today Bailey and I Interviewed Jaa9 & Onklp, they are one of Norway’s biggest rap duo’s. There album "Sellout", came out on Monday and is number 4 on itunes. You can read the interview at 730.no in a couple of days. After the lovely and funny interview Bailey and I went to get some food, and no we didn’t buy any candy. While we were in the store I saw my future husband! He was fit, I would marry him, right on the spot.

In the elevator!!!

"art" at Jernbanetorget, tubstation

"art" at Jernbanetorget, tubstation

"art at Jernbanetorget, tubstation

PS: Follow Onklp on twitter, he rocks ;) http://twitter.com/onklp

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