8. sep. 2009

Natural Hair!

September 8th is Natural Hair Day and my hero Tyra Banks what's people to embrace and celebrate it. Hair is a big thing for black people. If I was bothered, I would change my hairstyle at least every month. I love having a fresh hairstyle, but it takes too long. There are days when I don’t feel like leaving the house, because my hair doesn’t meet my minimum requirements. I don’t really have high requirements, so I really hate those days. Oh, and I hate it when you have a hair vision. You know when you see a hairstyle in a magazine or on TV and try to do it on yourself only to fail. Gosh!

Here is the trailer of the upcoming documentary by Chris Rock “Good Hair”. I’m so gonna buy the DVD!

Tyra Show episode entitled “Good Hair”, do watch all parts if you have time.

India Arie ft. Akon “I Am Not My Hair”

Aron Ranen's documentary about Black Hair! Check it out!

Our natural hair!!!

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  1. Please take a moment to check out my documentary film BLACK HAIR

    It is free at youtube. 6 parts including an update from London, England.

    It explores the Korean Take-over of the Black Beauty Supply and Hair biz..

    The current situation makes it hard to believe that Madame C.J. Walker once ran the whole thing.

    I am not a hater, I am a motivator.

    Plus I am a White guy who stumbled upon this, and felt it was so wrong I had to make a film about it.

    self-funded film, made from the heart.

    Can it be taken back?


  2. I'm a millionaire, I'm a Young Money millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair

  3. Hey Aron. Thanks for sharing your link. We enjoyed it so much, we decided to add it to the blog entry :).

    And yeah, Lil Wayne said it :P


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