9. sep. 2009

Hello there

I haven't been blogging much lately, cause I just got a new job. I'm settling in nicely if you're wondering. My co- workers are nice and my office is cute. What more can I ask for? There hasn't really been any challenges yet, but to be frank I like it that way. At least for now.

A couple of days ago I made some sketches. I've wanted to print one of them on a top, so I went to Bikbok after work. Typically they didn't have the type of top I wanted, so a bought a simple white jumpsuit instead. At the print shop, the guy told me it would be done in 20 min. I got excited, but then the the power went so I'm getting it tomorrow.

My sketch. Proper kresto! I've got a really sore throat today. Repsils to the rescue.

I'm off now, out jogging. Hope everyone had a nice day!

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