29. sep. 2009


Hi Everyone


These few days have really been busy and I have been really sick so here it goes. My friend Paulina had a party on Saturday, with was very interesting. I met some people I haven’t seen before, and people I have seen before. And some people I knew. My conclusion after this party is that some people really have issues, and that I’m super cool. We partied all night which was really fun, it gave me flashbacks from when I used to party all night, when I lived in Cambridge, good times I tell you good times. But I don’t recommend you party all night if you are sick, it will only make you worse. ( yes, bailey I learned my lesson) I’ve censured the pictures from the party so they are work appropriate. So you can read our blog when you are at work.

Rihanna or Beyonce ?



2 kommentarer:

  1. Why did you come to the conclusion that some people have issues? :p

  2. Cause they were telling me how african's have issues. Btw they're european.


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