29. sep. 2009

CB4 INIT!! Brap, Brap !!!

Hi Everyone

(Where’s Chioma ? )
Here you go some pictures of me in Cambridge. I spent 8 months there from September 08 to may 09. I had a really good time during these 8 months and I’m thinking more about Cambridge since my girls are going to Cambridge in a couple of days. I wanted to go as well but my wallet told me I had to stay in Oslo. One good side about them going is that they will buy stuff for me, I get to read British magazines again, and when I see the pictures they are going to take, I will feel like I was there with them.

We are happy because we all got a 1= failed (6 being the top score) on our Essay, except Flutura she is super happy because she got a 2= passed, on her Essay.

F & C @ Soultree!!!

Paulina, Zishan & Rebecca @ Proom, to bad we missed it Flutura.

A picture from our last night in Cambridge.

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