17. aug. 2009

NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone

Chioma is not happy at all! She had her first day of college today and it sucked! People have bare issues, when I say issues I mean ISSUES! It was terrible, this will be a terrible, shitty and unfun year. Wish me good luck as I enter my last year of college!! My day sucked, I even cried a little on the way home from college. I'm upset and going to drown myself with sweets and junkfood, UPSET I SAY!!

I'm going to eat!

Outfitt : Shoes from Dorothy Perkins, Shorts from New look, Bag from Urban Outfitters, Top from Bik Bok, and Cardigan from TopShop

How was your first day?

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  1. I am sad for you. Don't you like your class?

  2. Proud to be white17. august 2009 kl. 16:44

    Isn't it possible to change college? I feel bad for you, I can't believe you actually cried. Don't you have friends? If yes, keep yourself to them and don't care about others.

    If it is the class, then the problem isn't that big, because you won't need to see them other then in lessons and even then you don't need to talk to them. I think you will get through this, you are black after all....

  3. To proud to be white
    Not everything in this world is about race. You were making sense and actually being sympathetic when you ruined everything by saying "you are black after all...." Get a life, you are such a slave trader.

    To Chioma
    I really feel for you. I went to college today too and I was estatic that I was going in the same class, so I have done in the previous years. Which school do you go to?
    I really like the trasition from Norwegian to Engelish. Now the blogg can reach a broader audience. BRAP BRAP

  4. Woot woot, how are people "crazy"? and are you already in college? thought you were in high school. Oslove from M.

  5. Don't be sad C!
    evrybody got 'em stoopid crazy teachers!
    nxt time he/she gives u a hard tym just call me, and I'll take care of him haahah xD
    don't worry you'll probly have a bettr day 2morrow =)

  6. btw ur comfort food looks gooood hope u saved me sumxD

  7. Thank, Thank, Thank you :) Your words are making me happier :) Today at college went well!


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